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Telehealth Genetic Counseling

Understand Your Risks
Plan For Your Future

Helping you understand your family medical history and
providing you with support to make informed decisions

If you have a family history you’re concerned about

Your genetics contribute to your risk for health problems, and there are many genetic testing options available to help you evaluate and manage your risks.

Tandem Genetics’ genetic counselors work with you and your healthcare providers to evaluate your family medical history, inform you about genetic testing options, and work together with you to help manage risks.

If you don’t have a specific concern

Even without a specific family health concern, you may still benefit from a genetic family history risk assessment. Many tests are available to evaluate genetic factors that may put you at risk for health problems in the future.
Tandem Genetics genetic counseling team can help you understand your options for genetic testing as well as managing risk.

Working in tandem with you to:

• Discuss genetic testing that is appropriate for you
• Guide you on health management options
• Discuss how your genetic test results may affect you and
your family
• Answer questions about payment and privacy issues

Types of Consultations

Pre-Test Informed Consent Consultations

Our genetic counselors explain the risks, benefits, and limitations of tests that you may be considering

Post-Test Result Consultations

Our genetic counselors explain your test results and the next steps for managing your health concerns

Family Medical History Risk Assessment

Our genetic counselors evaluate your family medical history for a known or suspected inherited disorder, explain your risks and discuss options for managing risks.

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