Clinic Services

Partnering Together To Enhance Your Patient Care

Working in tandem to meet your specific genomic needs

Tandem Genetics specializes in partnerships in the reproductive,
oncology, cardiac and primary care spaces to implement genetic testing,
genetic counseling, and operational services

Reduced Exposure

Virtual genetic counseling and support services


Nationwide services customized to fit your needs

Increased Efficiency

Cost-effective while maintaining the highest quality care


Highly reputable and experienced leaders in the field of genetics

Our Services include

Support for you and your staff:

• Assistance in test selection

• Explain test results and guide patient management

• Pre- and post-test patient consultations

• Development of educational materials for patients

• Document assistance (editing or development of consent forms,
family history screening forms, letters of medical necessity, etc.)

• Assistance in selecting and setting up genetic testing vendors

• Coordinating genetic testing for your patients

• Triaging of patient medical histories for additional evaluation

• Identify and refer patients to relevant support resources

• Educational sessions and materials for your staff to keep you
informed about current genetic screening options and practice

• Technical writing support for publications, marketing materials
and other projects

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