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A Trusted and Affordable Partner To Fit Your Lab’s Individual Need

Working in tandem to advance your genetic testing programs

Tandem Genetics specializes in partnerships in the reproductive,
oncology, cardiac and primary care spaces to implement genetic testing, genetic counseling, and
operations support services

Reduced Exposure

Tandem Genetics provides the most affordable high-quality genetic counseling support available in the market

Augment your Staff

Seamless integration with your team to support high volume patient throughput to scale with you as you grow

Increased Efficiency

Tandem’s genetic counselors respond to your ordering providers clinical support needs and provide quality patient consultations, allowing you to focus on managing your lab

Our Services include

Support for you and your staff to:

• Aid in test selection or explain test results

• Review orders for clinical appropriateness

• Perform pre- and post- test patient consultations

• Provide consultations, educational sessions and materials for ordering providers (E.g. test selection, results management, etc.)

• Develop educational materials for patients

• Technical writing for publications, marketing materials and
other projects

• Assistance with variant interpretation and report writing (E.g.
Variant curation, writing of clinical summaries, etc.)

• Document assistance (editing or development of consent
forms, family history screening forms, patent and provider
literature, etc.)

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