About Us

Founded in 2016, Tandem Genetics meets a growing demand for clinical genetic services for patients, as well as clinical and operational support for clinics and laboratories.

We are a nation-wide team of industry leading genetic counselors who possess a deep
knowledge and experience in genetics, and a passion to support both patients and healthcare

What makes us different


Nationwide genetic counseling and support services designed to fit your individual needs


Cost-effective while maintaining the highest quality care

Industry Leaders

Highly reputable and experienced leaders in the field of genetics

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to making complex information and choices easier to understand. We are here to support patients with decisions that best fit them and their families. We remain well informed and up-to-date in genetic testing guidelines, technologies and testing options, enabling us to provide education and support to clinicians and laboratories to ensure appropriate testing for their patients.

Who we help

Patient Services

Pre- and post-test education and counseling for risk evaluation, informed consent documentation, and result management

Clinic Services

Tandem’s genetic counselors coordinate tests, manage results, and respond to patients’ genetic needs

Laboratory Services

Our genetic counselors guide test selection and provide clinical support

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