Genetic Counseling & Clinical Services

Providing Tele-Health Services Everywhere You Are

Advocates for patients; high quality partners for clinics and laboratories

Patient Services

Pre- and post-test education and counseling for risk evaluation, informed consent documentation, and result management

Clinic Services

Tandem’s genetic counselors coordinate tests, manage results, and respond to patients’ genetic needs

Laboratory Services

Our genetic counselors guide test selection and provide clinical support

Genetic counseling, genetic testing and operational

support for patients, laboratories, and clinic partners.


Nationwide genetic counseling and support services designed to fit your individual needs

Clinic Services

Cost-effective while maintaining the highest quality care

Industry Leaders

Highly reputable and experienced leaders in the field of genetics

About Tandem Genetics

COVID-19 has created fundamental changes to how we live our
day-to-day lives and remote work and services have emerged as a new reality for many. Telehealth has dramatically increased as it presented a solution to reduce barriers and enable a way to deliver continued and safe care to patients.

Tandem Genetics, an established partner and provider of telehealth services, has been able to seamlessly fill the increased demand for virtual medical appointments, allowing for an uninterrupted and seamless continuation of care.

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